05 Oct - 21 Oct 2023


This exhibition is an opportunity to discover Lilia Benbelaïd’s first comic strip in progress. A Franco-Algerian artist based in Beirut since 2019, she has made a name for herself with silkscreen prints whose fragmented, fictitious graphic composition of the urban environment reflects her personal emotions. In 2021, imbued with the city and inhabited by her…

27 Sep - 02 Oct 2022

In a State of Flux

no/mad utopia is glad to announce In a State of Flux, its inaugural exhibition curated by Marie Tomb in Beirut.   “In a State of Flux, nomad/utopia’s inaugural exhibition in Beirut, examines issues of impermanence in the contemporary world, with a focus on the Middle East and more particularly Lebanon. Uncertainty takes a toll on people…

28 May - 30 May 2022

Armenia Art Fair 2022

no/mad utopia is proud to present for the 3rd edition of Armenia Art Fair the work of Johanne Allard and Jacques Vartabedian. You will discover new editions of Allard’s embroidery on papers from her series A Feast in the Ruins. Screenshots, the last series of Jacques Vartabedian, will be showcased in public for the first…

19 May - 22 May 2022

Menart Fair Paris 2022

no/mad utopia is proud to present the work of the Lebanese artists Dalia Baassiri (b.1981) and Jacques Vartabedian (b.1988) at the 2nd edition of Menart Fair Paris 2022.

28 Apr - 01 May 2022

Discovery Art Fair Cologne 2022

no/mad utopia is proud to present three artists at this year’s physical edition of Discovery Art Fair Cologne: Lilia Benbelaïd, Alaa Itani, and Salah Missi.