Dalia Baassiri is part of the collective show Garage Band, curated by HATCH in Paris

no/mad utopia is pleased to present the work of the artist Dalia Baassiri in the collective exhibition Garage Band, curated by HATCH, in the Goutte d'Or neighborhood of Paris, from June 28th until July 13th, 2022.

About Garage Band, curated by HATCH

From June 28th to July 13th, Garage Band, a group show curated by HATCH, will explore the notion of trace. The nine artists from all horizons have gathered their imaginations in a familiar and intimate place, close to the workshop, that of an old disused garage in the Goutte d'Or.

Agents of the present but also watchmen, the participating artists question each in their own way a certain archaeology of the future. Their ephemeral installations invest the space with their view of the world, the myths that found them and the enemies that threaten them. The trace they will leave in this place, human or industrial, questions what is immutable, what remains of a momentum. The exhibition is accompanied by a contemporary dance performance, animated by the association Heart street  taking place at the heart of the exhibition space on June 28.


Maria Appleton / Dalia Baassiri / Kara Chin / Léo Fourdrinier / Jan Melka / Gabriel Moraes Aquino & Nicolas Faubert / Lorenzo Monnini / Felipe Romero Beltrán / Romain Vicari


6:00 pm to 10:30 pm: Opening preview

8:30 pm to 10:00 pm: Performance Battle Piece - Part II organized by Heart Street


78 rue Philippe de Girard - 75018 Paris


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Everyone remembers their old garage. This place where one tinkers with hands covered with grease, in the light of a dusty ceiling lamp, this place that oozes elbow grease, where one invents with makeshift instruments.
One isolates oneself there, one meditates there, one invents there. The garage is a priori only a functional place, without poetic. But it is precisely because it is ephemeral, because it is the receptacle of ideas and creation, because it fades into a messy heap that it allows everything. When you push the button on the metal curtain that separates it from the outside, it is the Pandora's box from which melodies, works, and concepts that will change the world emerge. By nature, the garage is the black sheep of the family, the negligible quantity, transformed a hundred times without any qualms. But for the artist who decides to live in it, to invest it as his own territory, as a source of inspiration, the garage is the most intimate place there is.

It is this place that we have chosen to bring together, for the duration of a squat or an exhibition, artists uniting their universes and their multiple horizons. They will come to put oil in the wheels of a place that will never be again. At the end of the exhibition, this former garage will be transformed into an office park.

Leaving a trace in a place of impermanence is also what lies behind the idea of the garage: a place between transition and destruction. But the engine can spit black one last time. The artists' installations will animate the place in a last breath, in a short but suspended time: the time of the garage.
In this landscape where artifacts multiply, the natural landscape strives to survive. This is also what lies behind the idea of the garage: a place between creation and archiving, between the known and the future. It is, in any case, for the artists of Garage Band, a place of mutation, between the already worn innovations and the archaeology of the future.

"Garage Band" is this family of artists created on the ruined heap of a garage in the Goutte d'Or. In this exhibition, these agents of the present and watchmen, bearers of a contemporary gesture and a controlled wandering, sketch a form of response. A common mechanism.
What trace will we leave?