Lilia Benbelaïd

Lilia Benbelaïd (b.1991) is an Algerian-French visual artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. Since 2018 she holds a diploma of State Architect from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of Marseille.

As part of her final degree, she focused on the topic of refugee camps, which marked the starting point of an approach that is both personal and artistic.

Arriving in Beirut in March 2019, she started a first series of landscape sketches in the refugee camp of Chatila, giving rise to the project "Farasheh", which deals with both spatial and environmental themes, while including the inhabitants in a participatory and collaborative process. Through her envisioned urban landscape silkscreens, Lilia proposes a glimpse at an elsewhere through an ever so fragmentary and fictive composition.

At the same time, she created a new series of sketches on the city of Beirut which gave rise to the exhibition entitled In situ, in July 2020 in Beirut. Then in 2021 she exhibited in Marseille and Beirut her series of silkscreens titled "Urbanité Infinie".

Exhibitions & Awards




In Situ, Tota, Beirut, Lebanon





It’s a Lemon Doubly Mix, Mojo Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Nuée de lignes (Swarm of lines), Atelier di Bernard, Marseille, France

Wajihāt, outdoor show at the Boulos Fayad Bldg, organized by Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut, Lebanon





Discovery Art Fair, no/mad utopia gallery, Cologne, Germany





Arabpop, Vol. 3 (forthcoming)

HAS Magazine, Memories of Places, an article written and illustrated by the artist

Manazir Journal, Swiss Platform for the Study of Visual Arts, Architecture and Heritage in the MENA region, Vol. 3 (forthcoming)

Arabpop, Vol. 2



Arabpop, Vol. 1